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The history of East Godavari district like the rest of Andhra, may be traced to the period of the Nandas. Mahapadma Nanda, the founder of the nanda dynasty, led expeditions and defeated several monarchs of a large portion of the Deccan The subsequent history of Nanda dynast is not known, except that, the last ruler Dhana Nanda was overthrown by Chandraguptha Maurya in 322 B.C.

Baba Mahendra Naath Temple, Mehdar
mehdar mandir
Sohagara Temple, Darauli, Siwan
Budhiyaa Mai Temple, Siwan
Budhiya Mai
Ancestral home of Dr. Rajendra Prasad
House of Dr rajendra prasad
Lakari tomb (Dargah) of Sah Hazoor arjan
Sah hazoor
Baba Mahendra Naath Temple, Mehdaar