cVigil Citizen App– cVIGIL is a mobile application developed by the Election Commission of India (ECI) to enable citizens to report violations of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) during elections

list of BU OK, CU OK and VVPAT OK after completion of FLC work.

BU OK, CU OK and VVPAT OK Shared with Political Parties (with Letter and Acknowledgement).

Rate list of web media, print media, electronic media listed by Information and Public Relations Department, Bihar Patna.

Affidavits for MLC Election 2022 (9-Siwan)

Electoral Roll of Local Authority Election (MLC) – 2022

Sl No Part Number Draft Final
1 Part 1 (Navtan) View View
2 Part 2 (Mairwa) View View
3 Part 3 (Guthani) View View
4 Part 4 (Darauli) View View
5 Part 5 (Aander) View View
6 Part 6 (Jiradei) View View
7 Part 7 (Hussainganj) View View
8 Part 8 (Siwan) View View
9 Part 9 (Pachrukhi) View View
10 Part 10 (Barharia) View View
11 Part 11 (Griyakothi) View View
12 Part 12 (Lakrinabiganj) View View
13 Part 13 (Basantpur) View View
14 Part 14 (Bhagwnapur Hat) View View
15 Part 15 (Maharajganj) View View
16 Part 16 (Daraundha) View View
17 Part 17 (Hasanpura) View View
18 Part 18 (Raghunathpur) View View
19 Part 19 (Siswan) View View

Order Regarding Saran Teacher’s Constituenct MLC Election

Assembly General Election 2020

AC Bye Election 2019 related Information

Special Summary Revision of l,hoto Electoral Rolls  w.r.1. 01.01.2020 as the qualifying date – Programme – regarding.

General Election 2019 related Information

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Lok Sabha General Eelection 2014 – Candidate Expenditure
Assembly Election 2010 – Candidate Expenditure